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Random thoughts on the Great Pyramid :


1. Above the entrance corridor on the exterior of the Pyramid there is a series of stones that occupy the triangle area under the relieving gable stones. These are mistakingly referred to as one stone , but on closer inspection it is made up of several stones.  These stones have a carving on it of what appears to be three mounds. Is that carving an representation of the original massifs that the three main pyramids of the Giza Plateau were built around ? 


2.  Those same 'plugging' stones terminate not on the bottom of the gable stones but runs up behind the rear of the gable stones (Thanks Charles Rigano) . This is evidence of the use of 'stepped gables' on the Great Pyramid. A method of relieving weight over passages on an incline . Is this the same kind of structure or similar that was used over the Grand Gallery and evidenced by the Nagoya University Muon scans ? This kind of structure combined with a construction trench of parallel retaining walls  would theoretically allow for tunneling into the pyramid with minimal damage . 


3.  -You'll notice where the muon plates were placed and their wide scanning zone : PICTURE

     -This is what they came up with and where the cavity ends according to scan pyramids : Muons

    - You'll see where H.D. Bui Gravimetric scan suggests the gables stop in this picture : BUI SCAN

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